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Term And Conditions


Term And Conditions Apply

Any Types Of Website :

1) Domain Valid Only For The One Year...
2) Before Expair Domain On this Year Must be Renewal This Either You Loss your Domain.
3) If Any Domain Use For the Website or Host this Domain And Domian Is gonna Be Expair so We Are Not resposbile for this.
4) We Are Inform You In one Month befroe Expair Any Domain.
5) For Website Development We Use Domain, Server, Hosting And Development.
6) As Per Your Need Website price is Always Motifiy its not Be Fix.
7) Website Development Strating From @ 7,800/- Static And Dymince @ 14,800/-.
8) Extra Page Dyminec @1000/- And Static @600/-.
9) Website Amount Advance or Final Amount Is not refundable For The Any reason.
10) Whatever is given in the paper and the time to sign the project will be shorter.
11) If You Are Not Use SSL any type of miss used data or content, hacking, some trouble in your your website then we are not responsible Like ( Https://).
12) While Develemopment your Website You Must b Provede All type Of Your Articla, Snaps and Details.
13) Please Do Not Use other any one Content or article to the copyright.
14) First Year Service Free to Change or Modification.
16) if Your Payment Is not come to commited date and time so we are able to stop your service.
17) if Your is not next to the commited date or time to the next 15 days to we are Hold your service.
18) if You restart your service so 1st clear your total rest amount then we process.
19) if Your payment is not come in next 40 days from the date to stop your service Then We Are Able to Treminal Your Service.
20) Website Renewal Minimum 35% Per Year And Every Year 5% Add From Renewal Form The Amount. 21) Any Quotation paper is valid for only 20 days without signature.

Offline Software :

2) Whatever is given in the paper and the time to sign the project will be shorter.
3) Website Amount Advance or Final Amount Is not refundable For The Any reason.
4) Software For Restro = 18,000, Hotel Store And Banquent Managnemt Software = 30,000, Completed Hotel Managnent Software + Dymince Website = 40,000
5) Any Quotation paper is valid for only 20 days without signature.
6) The validity of any software is only for 1 year.
7) You will be told One month before the software expires, as well as you will have to give a renewal amount of that software 20 days before that In Adveage.
8) If my software gets damaged or Hang due to any reason, then we are able to reinstall it, that too for free.
9) Even if you format your system or if you get screwed by doing something, we still have the power to reinstall it 2 times for free *( But backup must be with you)
10) For reinstall work to be done online, for this you have to go through the internet (if you want the service boy to go to your counter and reinstall then give hoga 2500 extra charge)
11) 20 km from our center or office. If the distance is more than that, or the center will tell what extra charge will be levied.
12) Timing For the Service For- School, College, Institutes - 9am to 5pm And Hotels and Business - 9am ​​to 8pm Day- Monday to Saturday And Sundays closed.

Smart Clasess, Digital Board, Interactive Board for Classroom :

1) Here we provide service of interactive board in which sale and service takes place.
2) The warranty that comes after the setup of the interactive board is given on the product and you get support from it, there is no less of us or our company.
3) When setting up the interactive board, you need to be there
4) No amount of interactive board is left, the final order is the same as the order of the project.

Bulk SMS, Audio SMS, What's App, Digital Promotion (FB, YouTube , Instagram) :

1) Text SMS, Audio SMS
2) We always have to create a new account for sms New User
3) sms account Valid is only for 1 year
4) It takes 500 for an account renewal, the remaining sons will be able to do it.
5) Next year you will have to renew your account to use it
6) If you renew the SMS within 3 months, then the account will expire if not correct.
7) text SMS is only for promotional activety or Share Your Infromation regarding your profctional work.
8) You will not use this SMS wrongly, nor will I use to intimidate or threaten anyone with the medium of this SMS.
9) Before sending SMS, DLT will have to collect the number, then only SMS will go in your name.
10) Once the account is added to the account, the SMS is neither back nor money.
11) It takes some document to be prepare a SMS account like Aadhaar card, copy of your center, GST Number, mail is, phone number, with your signature.
12) If you configure the API, then you have to pay 800 service charges for the API config.
13) To Add sms balance, you have to give the amount of sms to the company in advance.

Paper Work :

# Any Quotation paper is valid for only 20 days without signature.
# While Signing The Project, You Will Have To Provide Your Identity Card And Some Documents Related To It.
# While Giving the Project, You Have to Give All Your Documents like Your Work Will Be and guide.
# Your money should come to the company before starting the work, only then will it start and you will be given a Mail or receipt in writing by first receipt of receipt.
# Separate Service Is Also Added To The Project Sign, It Will Not Be Valid And If It Is Added Then The Value Of This Service Has To Be Paid Separately.
# 60% of the amount is to be paid at the time of signing the project, 40% of the remaining amount is to be paid within 10 days, if the company does not receive the remaining amount, then your service will be stopped, you will be the response yourself.
# If The Amount Is Not Deposited In next 30 days After The Sign Of The Project, Then The Service Will Be Stopped, Their Service Will Be Rejected. Advocacy In The Context Of Grabbing Money Against Them. Can Also Be Released, You Will Own It.
# During The Service, The Service Provider May Issue Notice To You With The Request Of Wrong Word Or For Misbehaving Or Threatening Or Threatening Or Dying Of Life.
# Method To Collect Amount Cash, Cheque, Digital Payment, Account Transfer.
# If You Do Not Want To Run This Project Within 10 Days After The Signature Of The Project, Then You Can Take The Certificate Of The NRRC- NOC By Speaking To The Organization And After Deducting 25% Of The Entire Project Amount, The Remaining Amount Processing Time Is 7 Days. (Only For Website And Software) Why Give That Reason…

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